First thing's first:  Not all Slytherins are jerks.

You may have guessed that I am a Slytherin, and you'd be right!  I'm also a Wampus, for whatever that is worth.  

I'm also happy you've stopped by!  Odds are, you love geeky things like Harry Potter!  And comic books!  Disney!  And crafting and reading and video games.  Maybe some LEGO?!  Heck yes.  You know you do.  And if you don't, hey, maybe I can turn you around a little bit!  Or maybe you're equally as addicted to subscription box unboxings as I am.  I am all of those things, too!  We cover a lot of bases here at Over The Moony.  

And by "we", I mean "me".  Katie.  I'm a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World, which happens to be in New Jersey.  I'm just beginning my adventure into my 30's, which who even knows what that means.  I mean, I certainly don't consider myself the most ~mature adult~ on Earth, but what does that mean anyway?!  

My children are my cats and my boyfriend is my boyfriend.  He has definitely guided me along the path of geekdom, but I was definitely already well on it before we met. I have been a total fangirl since the day I was born.  And no, I can't name every member of the Avengers ever, or the birthday of all of the members of the Justice League, but I like comics and I like superheroes, so there. 

So, you're saying, what is it that I can get here?  I shall inform you!  I'll bring you comic book reviews, book reviews, unboxingsLEGO things, Harry Potter things, my absolute love of photography, my absolute love of all things branded Funko, random ramblings about life, random ramblings about cats, probably a lot of random ramblings,  and much more!   

Of course, I'm always more than happy to write about things that youuuu want me to write about, since I write for you, my readers, in the first place!  Let me know if there is something you'd like to hear me talk about and odds are I'll be more than happy to!


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