Friday, June 23, 2017

Disney Treasures Unboxing | Festival of Friends

Hello, friends!  I hope that you are having a lovely day.  If not, don't worry!  This unboxing is sure to cheer you up!

In case you aren't familiar with Disney Treasures, it is the newest subscription box brought to us by Funko!  It is a bi-monthly box that is full of Disney goodies, both from the movies and the parks!  I, for one, love that they include park-related products because I absolutely love the parks.  If you aren't a fan of them or aren't overly familiar with them, you still will enjoy the box!  

This month's theme was Festival of Friends, and our preview Pop was a flying Dumbo with Timothy riding in his hat.  This is typical with the Funko boxes, as they usually want to lure you in with something!  So let's see what all was inside!

As with all Funko boxes, when you open the box you will find a patch and a pin.  What I love about this box is that the pins are like any Disney pins you would find in the parks, complete with the Mickey Mouse backer!  So if you are a pin collector, these will fit perfectly.  You can see that this box's pin features Thumper, and our patch features Piglet!  Another cool thing with the patches is that once they go through their first full annual cycle, the patches will all fit together!  It's great for people like me who have no idea what to do with the patches.  I'll probably mount them in a shadowbox or something!

I. LOVE. THIS.  As you probably know, this is Woody from Toy Story!  This seems to be a trend with these boxes, as in the last box we received a similar item that featured a park ride-related tin with a little figure from the ride inside.  The tin features the super fun Toy Story Midway Mania ride in Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios and Disney California Adventure!  I think I've only ridden this once, but I had a really fun time on it!

I love the style of this Woody as well, as he fits right in with the Funko Disney Princess blind box series, as well as the Harry Potter blind box series.  They're just all so cute with their little blushing cheeks!  

This Pluto Pop is absolutely adorable, isn't he?  I love his little cocked ear!  I've been meaning to pick up the Mickey and Minnie Pop's for a while now, but I will definitely have to get them soon so Pluto has someone to hang out with!  This is the first time that Pluto has appeared in Funko form, and hopefully not the last!

And last, but certainly not least, is this adorable Dumbo Pop with Timothy!  He comes on a clear base so it looks like he is flying.  I don't think that the base comes out, which is fine since I don't know that he would stand on his own anyway.  But seriously.  How adorable is he!?  I'll be honest in that I never liked the Dumbo movie.  I am 31 years old and have been scared of circuses and clowns since I can remember.  For that reason, I was never really able to enjoy that movie, but that doesn't mean that I don't love Dumbo! I mean, how can you not love this little guy?!

That is everything for this Disney Treasures box!  Next month's theme is Tiny Town and features a new Tinkerbell Pop!  Let me know if you're going to be getting that box.  You know I am!  And let me know what your favorite part of this box was!

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