Monday, April 24, 2017

Funko Disney Treasures Unboxing | Pirates Cove

Hello, friends!  Long time no talk!  But worry not, I'll be back to normal from here on out!  Which is good because I kind of feel like there is so much awesome going on right now, including this amazing box!

Back at the beginning of the year, I decided I was going to quit Collector Corps.  I was getting annoyed with the customer service and the theming of the boxes, so I decided to move on.  No sooner did I make that decision then did I see that they were doing a Disney box.  Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in!  I'm not going to be able to turn down a Disney box, so I jumped in feet first and have been so excited to receive the first box!  Let's take a look inside!  

(PS - If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have already seen this unboxing in my story!  If you're not, come join in on the fun!  I love interacting with people on Insta and I often do advance unboxings, blind bag unbaggings(?), and much more!)

As with all Funko boxes, you receive a patch and a pin.  What I love about these patches is that they are all going to fit together around a giant patch that comes in the last box of this cycle!  I think that's such a great idea.  I don't know what to do with the patches that we receive so with these at least I can get them matted and hang them up!  And then, of course, is the adorable Pirate Mickey pin.  I absolutely love this!  They are on-par with the quality of all Disney pins, which is an extra plus if you are a pin collector!  And then in the middle is the pin you receive if you pay for the annual subscription as opposed to the month-to-month, which is known as being a Disney Treasures Pioneer!

One of the coolest things that this box promises is that they're not only going to bring you merchandise from the Disney movies, but also the parks!  I think you're hard-pressed to find a Disney fan who doesn't love both, so that's such a perfect combination.  This combination is highlighted perfectly in this little tin!  Jack Sparrow was hidden inside this absolutely adorable Pirates of the Caribbean ride-inspired tin and I am OB.SESSED.  This might be my favorite part of the box.  No lie!  The tin illustrates some of the more famous scenes from the ride on all four sides.  How cute!  And the Jack Sparrow is just the cutest little guy, is he not? 

Next is possibly one of the cutest POP's ever, and that is saying something.  How adorable is this Smee!?  I'm completely in love with him.  His little pot belly, his pink nose, his glasses.  He is just perfection!  And for those of you who are in-box collectors and love displaying those sticker boxes, they have a super shiny gold sticker on the box.  What more would you expect from Disney, right?

And the last collectible in this box is this Dorbz Ridez of the Wicked Wench Captain.  What better way to salute the 50 year anniversary of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride than to pay homage to one of the most awe-inspiring first moments of any ride at any theme park.  If you've been to any of the Disney parks here in the States, then you know how amazing it is the first time (or any time!) you find yourself stuck in the middle of a battle, with a fort on your right and this ship, the Wicked Wench, on your left.  Splashes of water blow up all around you while the amazing score from the movies blasts throughout the room.  I think any Disney fan would be happy to add this guy to their collection!

I love this little map that tells you all about the box!  But not only that, on the back is a map that looks to plot out all of the box themes for the year!  Next up is the Festival of Friends, which looks to be featuring Dumbo.  To be honest, that movie freaks me out (I am NOT a circus person), but I do think that Dumbo is adorable, so I will definitely be happy to add whatever they give me to my collection!  After Festival of Friends, it looks like it will be Ever After Castle, Snowflake Mountain, Haunted Forest, and Tiny Town.  I'm so excited to see what else this box has in store!

So, tell me.  What did you think of this box?  Did you just blindly give Disney and Funko your money like me, or were you waiting to see what this box was going to bring?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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