Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Adventures In Cape May, New Jersey

If you read my last post, you know that I am on staycation!  It is really wonderful to wake up and not have to go to work, or go anywhere really.  But I had mentioned that I wanted to go to Cape May, New Jersey on my staycation.  I initially was going to go on Wednesday but the news is calling for storms so I decided to go yesterday.  

I had also mentioned in my last post that I am working my way through one of the classes offered by A Beautiful Mess called DSLR Basics.  I decided to take my camera down there with me so I could work on using some of the manual features outside and I wanted to share some of my pictures with you!

Let's just start with one thing:  Trying to learn DSLR in direct sunlight on a beach isn't the easiest thing in the world.  It's so bright that it's tough to see if the settings are working properly on the screen.  That being said, I'm happy to have had that experience because it's good to learn how to work in different lighting situations.  I've mostly been working inside so now I have something else under my belt.  I still have a ways to go to learn everything and when to adjust the shutter speed or the aperture or the ISO, but I'll get it eventually!  Plus my Mom has been shooting in manual since I can remember (back when you used film!) and we go out together a lot on photography adventures so she can help me out.

Anyway, I had a really nice day!  I had intended to stay down there until sunset but it was hotter than they said it was going to be and I was running out of things to do.  You aren't really allowed on the beach without a beach pass (even though I skirted that rule for a little bit) so I couldn't just sit there and take pictures, and I had worn out walking around the little shopping area they have.  

After hanging out on the beach, I decided I would go up to the top of the lighthouse.  I've been up to the top of lighthouses before since my Mom is obsessed with them and we used to seek them out on family trips when I was younger.  I forgot how much of a pain they can be to climb, especially after you thought you might die walking on the beach.  But I did it anyway.  There were landing spots after every 50-or-so stairs and each landing had a cool view that I didn't mind taking pictures of.  After about 250 stairs I made it to the top!  And it was worth it.  It was beautiful up there view-wise and there was a perfect breeze.  I probably could have hung out up there for a couple hours.

Once I came downstairs, I decided to head into town and walk around the Washington Street Mall.  There are a bunch of boutique shops, as well as the typical Jersey Shore shops that are full of clothing with the shore town all over them.  There were also several different sweet shops and a couple cute restaurants.  I ended up just grabbing a quick slice of pizza before walking around for a while, and then I treated myself to a must for me when I go down the shore:  Kohr Brothers Custard.  We have one in the mall by me but it's not the same as walking by the ocean with some delicious ice cream.  I got a cone and wandered around to look at all of the beautiful Victorian homes that line the streets.

I have a bunch more pictures on my Flickr page, which I really need to work on a little more! 

I'm planning on finishing out my day with beginning one of my baby blankets before meeting up with John's sister for some Fuddruckers!  I'm actually really happy because I finally finished the blanket I've been working on since May.  It isn't perfect but I'm proud to have finished it.  Now I can (hopefully) knock out those baby blankets this week and get started on Christmas presents!

What is one of your "summer musts"?  I go to various shore towns every year, but I always need custard with rainbow sprinkles! 

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