Tuesday, December 20, 2016

30 Last Minute Gifts They'll Actually Want

Aaaaaaaah.  It's almost Christmas time!!  I'm super excited, but still super stressed.  I don't think I've gotten a solid night's sleep at all this month.  Between the traveling and the parties and the shopping, I am spent.  But there is pretty much nothing worse than realizing you forgot to get a gift for someone in the middle of all this mayhem, right?  Don't worry.  I have you covered. 

Sometimes it seems like a general gift is super easy to buy, but as it turns out, it actually isn't.  It is awful.  What if they don't like sweet-smelling candles and like more floral?  What if they don't drink a certain type of wine (or at all)?  So many questions.  But today we're going to go over 30 different gift ideas that people will actually be happy to receive!  And it won't take you much time to throw it together, either.  Huzzah all around!  Some of these will also be great for those minimalists in your life who don't necessarily want "things".  Let's jump on it!

1. Gift card to their favorite hair/nail/tanning salon

2. LEGOs - Yes, even for adults.  Toys are fun and there's really a LEGO set for everyone.  Plus, it's relaxing to just follow the instructions and build what they tell you to build!

3. Parent's Night Out - Gift card for dinner and a movie (or whatever activity they like), and a coupon for free babysitting.

4. Tickets to a concert.

5. 3-month subscription to a subscription box that's right up their alley - It's the gift that keeps on giving!  Feel free to extend the length of the subscription if you're feeling extra generous.

6. A pair of really nice pajamas.

7. A gift card for the coffee shop they go to every day.

8. Holiday Package to their favorite sports team - I know two of my favorite teams throw together a cool holiday package.  I'm sure this is something most sports teams do.

9. DIY - Are you an awesome artist?  A knitting extraordinaire?  Skilled with candles?  Think of something you can whip up quickly!

10. Membership to their favorite museum or botanical garden.

11. Tuition to a class at your local community college for something they have always wanted to learn (photography, painting, dance, etc.)

12.  Pay For Their Gym Membership - IF, AND ONLY IF, they are super hardcore into it and they would appreciate this gesture.  As long as they are already going to the gym and do it regularly, I'm sure this would be seen as a nice thing.  If they don't go to the gym but have been talking about it, it's a fine line.  If they don't go to the gym and never talk about going to the gym, this probably isn't the idea for you.  Keep looking.

13. Adopt their favorite zoo animal in their name - At my local zoo, depending upon the adoption level you choose, you actually get a membership to the zoo and the opportunity to go behind the scenes and meet one of the zoo animals.

14. A really nice blanket - Anything faux fur is really in now and would make a great gift for these cold winter months ahead!

15. A makeup palette they've been coveting but won't spring the money on.  Similarly, a little goodie bag of things from a makeup brand they have been wanting to try.
16.  Bake!  You can never go wrong with a delicious baked good, be it cookies, brownies, chocolate covered pretzels, or whatever your specialty is.

17.  3-month subscription to their favorite gaming service, like Xbox or Playstation. 

18.  Shopping for someone who has forgone cable for the Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?  Get a gift card for a couple months-worth of their subscription.

19.  A Winter Preparation Package - Throw together a nice hoodie with some quality gloves, a scarf and a hat.  Maybe even include some hot chocolate or hand warmers.

20.  Candle based on something they love - Disney World, their favorite book, their favorite food.  Etsy is a wonderful place!

21.  A photo book of their Instagram photos - I think pretty much every photo printing service online offers this.  Pick a theme (their kids or pet), or just pick some random ones.

22.  For the shutterbug or blogger, a subscription to Adobe Cloud.

23.  A nice briefcase or purse.

24.  Some fancy coffee or loose-leaf tea with a cute mug.

25.  Take a look through their Pinterest board or things they've shared on Facebook.  See if you can buy something they seemed particularly excited about.

26.  Create your own "subscription box" around something they love.  Samantha did this for me and our boss and it was absolutely adorable!  The theme gives you some direction but you also have some flexibility with what you put in there.

27.  An iTunes gift card - I don't think you can go wrong with this one for most people.  I know personally, between all the photo apps I have and the new filters that come out that I need to buy, this is definitely something I would appreciate!

28.  A fancy phone case or two.

29.  A beautiful new plant for indoors or out.  Not so much of a green thumb?  You can get some really nice fake plants to bring some greenery inside!

30.  A new beauty tool - Hair dryer, curling iron, face brush.

What are some of your go-to last minute gift ideas?  Let's help each other out in the comments below!

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