Thursday, February 9, 2017

NYX Ultimate Shadows Warm Neutral Palette Review

I'm going to be the first to admit that generally, I'm really not a huge fan of NYX's eyeshadows.  I've tried to be.  Lord, have I tried.  Remember how waaaay back in the day they used to have those insane sales where you could get, like, 40 eyeshadows for $20 or something crazy like that?  I've done those.  I've bought a bunch of different palettes.  I just never found that they lived up to my expectations.

That is, until I stumbled upon this NYX Ultimate Shadows palette while being sucked into the black hole of Target.  I didn't need it, yet I did, y'know?  It certainly didn't hurt that the stunningly gorgeous and ridiculously talented Linda Hallberg was the face of this palette.  She loves herself some red eyeshadow, and so do I.  This palette screams fall, and even though fall is behind us, this collection just spoke to me.

When I was watching this, I honestly couldn't believe that this was a NYX palette.  This eyeshadow, to me, doesn't feel like any other NYX palette I have tried.  These shadows are so buttery and smooth, and without any primer are quite pigmented.  Since I'm so fair, the lighter shades don't show up too well on me, but take my word that they are definitely pigmented.

If you couldn't tell by all of the goosebumps on my arm in these swatches, it was quite chilly in my house, so sorry about that!  I tried to warm up my arm but it wasn't working too well.

Anyway, the first picture are the first two rows of the palette and the second picture are the last two rows of the palette.  Closest color to you is the first color and then go in order from there.  These colors are just gorgeous and I just love all of them.  The payoff is great (as I mentioned before, these are without primer!), and they all work so perfectly together.

I've been wearing them for the past week and have just been loving how these apply and wear.  There are so many shades in this palette that can serve you well as a one-shade look for just a wash of color, but there are enough variations of depth to give you a gorgeous smokey eye as well.  This is just such a versatile palette and I am thrilled to death that I picked it up!  

There are three other palettes under the Ultimate Shadows umbrella:  Brights, Cool Neutrals and Smokey & Highlight.  The Brights one is way out of my comfort zone (maybe 10 years ago I would have been all about this!), the Cool Neutrals one looks like I wouldn't mind adding it to my collection, and the Smokey & Highlight one is intriguing, but at the same time I feel like a lot of the colors are out of place.  Either way, if any of these speak to you I would highly recommend them.  The quality is fantastic!

Have you tried any of these palettes?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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