Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tsum Tsum Review | Aristocats Series

I will admit that I am quite new to the Tsum Tsum collecting game.  I've always liked them and found them cute, but I never really worried about getting an entire series.  And I will say that even now I'm less concerned with the plush Tsums and more concerned with getting lots of the vinyl ones, but there are certain series that I can't pass up.

My all time favorite Disney movie is Aladdin and even that Tsum Tsum series had me a little uninspired.  That and it sold out quickly from what I can remember.  I actually had the whole collection in my cart and by the time I decided I wasn't going to buy it anyway, many of the characters were gone.  This is a serious collecting community!  But when I saw the Aristocats ones, I knew I needed the family at the very least.  I don't remember when I first saw this movie, but I know I was young and I know I quickly fell in love with it.  It's definitely in my top five Disney movies!  It's one of my favorite movies to watch when I'm sick because it just cheers me up.  How could you know love those adorable kittens?

I actually remember going to the Disney Store in Times Square a couple years ago around Christmas time and found a gift for one of my friends.  While I was standing in line, I saw the cutest little Marie stuffed animal that I just had to have, and when I was checking out the cast member asked me if I knew who she was, which of course I did.  She was so excited and said that not many people knew who she was, which I thought was so sad!  It seems like they're getting to be a little more mainstream now, especially with eBay and personal shoppers allowing us Americans to have easier access to the adorable merchandise at Tokyo Disney.

Anyway, back to these guys.  Like I said, originally I knew I needed the family.  I've had Marie for a while since I believe she came out forever ago when the Tsums were first being introduced in our country.  She very well couldn't be alone if the rest of her family was within reach!  If you are unfamiliar with this adorable family, the gray kitten is Berlioz, his brother next to him is Toulouse, the white cat is Duchess and finally we have Mr. Thomas O'Malley who ended up being "adopted" into the family after he helped the family along when they were out on their journey.

And now the whole gang is together!  I believe that they released a new version of Marie (one of the emotion ones) when they came out with this line.  I like my original version just the way she is and I think she fits in with her family perfectly now!

Alongside the family, they released Scat Cat (bottom middle) and some of his bandmates, as well as Roquefort the Mouse, who helps to find the cats when they are thrown out of the house.  Aren't they all just so cute?!  John ended up buying me the last four since I bought myself the family.  

Overall, I absolutely love this series.  I think they represented the movie quite well and I'm so happy to have had a chance to get them all!

Outside of the actual Tsums, they released a bunch of really cute merchandise, including that adorable bowl that I displayed everyone in and an absolutely adorable notebook!

I just love the artwork on both of these pieces so much!  I believe that they have another bowl design with the Bambi character stack in the last photo of the notebook, as well as some really cute water bottles.  I just want everything.  The style manages to capture the cuteness and playfulness of these guys so perfectly!

Are there any Tsum series that you've been excited about lately?  Let me know which complete series you have in the comments, and if you collect more of the plushes or the vinyls!

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