Sunday, September 6, 2015

Yasutomo & Sakura Watercolor Haul

I feel like this is such a great time to be someone who wants to be creative.  Thanks to Pinterest and YouTube, DIY is huge right now.  If there's something you want to learn to do, it is at your fingertips!  

I have always been good with my hands and crafting things, but when it comes to drawing I'm not the best.  I'm not terrible, but I wish I could draw much better than I do.  Truth be told, it has a lot to do with impatience since if I don't grasp onto something quickly I tend to push it to the side (hence my growingly messy craft closet). 

Jon turned me onto watercolor sometime early this year and I really enjoyed it.  It's incredibly relaxing to watch other people do it and it's easy to fix mistakes.  You can kind of just go with it and make something really pretty and don't necessarily have to draw out what you want (although having a general idea definitely helps).

We both went out and bought the same watercolor kit at A.C. Moore and I loved it at first.  It came with brushes and watercolors in tubes with a little palette so you can mix the colors you want.  I used it for a bit, but I felt like it got to be too much to have to get ready when I wanted to paint.  Generally if I wanted to paint, it would be on a whim and I would have to dispense all the colors and mix them to get the colors that I wanted since it only came with 8.  I didn't feel like putting in that much effort so I gave up on it.

I've really been wanting to watercolor more, though, so I went out and got myself some new palettes that are easily accessible.  I can still use the brushes that I have but I don't have to worry much about mixing up colors.

watercolor palette

I will say, however, that it took much more effort for me to actually find a watercolor palette than I thought.  It was easy enough to find the Crayola ones, but I had a specific one in mind that I wanted and I think I spent a good hour in A.C. Moore wandering around the paint section trying to find the palettes.  They were hidden down on the very bottom shelves in a weird corner, but I managed to find what I wanted and then some!

First, I grabbed this Yasutomo Pearlescent palette.  I had seen someone on YouTube playing around with something similar, and while they didn't get the most pigmented color payoff, it still was a pretty effect.  I thought I could add them to galaxy things or fantastical elements.

Yasutomo Pearlescent palette

Yasutomo Pearlescent palette

Yasutomo Pearlescent palette

You get 21 different colors and I think there is a nice variety in here.  This was less than $4.00 at the store, and honestly, I was quite impressed by how pigmented these did end up coming out.  It was difficult to capture the shimmer and pearlescent quality on these, but trust me, it's there and it's beautiful!

Yasutomo Pearlescent palette

Next up, I got the last Sakura Koi Field Palette that they had in the store.  I am pretty much in love with Sakura products.  I have their Watercolor Brush Pen set and I absolutely love it.  The colors are so pretty and I've seen a lot of people using these watercolors and I just knew this was the palette I really wanted.  This is designed to take with you if you're going to paint outside or somewhere where you'd be looking for a compact set, but it works just as well at home.  It comes with a little mixing palette and a brush pen that you fill with water, as well as sponges along the side to fill up with water so you can use that to clean your brush or get it a little extra wet.

Sakura Koi Field Palette

It also has a fancy little finger tab on the bottom so that you can hook it through your finger and hold it without having to worry about it falling all over the place.  Such a handy little palette with a great variety of colors to choose from!

Sakura Koi Field Palette

Sakura Koi Field Palette

Sakura Koi Field Palette

How beautiful are those colors?!  They dry so vividly and I am beyond in love with them.  I'm super excited to start getting back into painting and trying to actually stick with this painting method so that I can have an artistic outlet.

Are you into art or drawing?  Tell me what your favorite medium is and if you have any favorite products or product lines!

If you are in the US, I hope that you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend!  It's still a little too summery-feeling for me since I always want the fall to start on September 1, but at least I have the windows open and the cats are enjoying the fresh air.

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