Monday, October 19, 2015

Flitwicks [Affordably Charming] Unboxing | October 2015

Hello and sorry for being MIA!  I had a pretty ultimate nerd week/weekend last week that kept me super busy.  I'll be posting about it later this week but Thursday I saw the NT Live production of Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch, Saturday was the Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill, PA and Sunday my Mom and I went to our very first PA Renaissance Faire!  I have plenty of pictures from the Festival and the Faire and lots to say about Hamlet, so keep an eye out for that!

 Today, however, I bring to you October's Flitwicks box!

Flitwicks Unboxing

This month's theme was, properly enough, Autumn!  

Flitwicks Unboxing

Flitwicks Unboxing

As it was with September's box, you get this adorable little bag that all of your jewelry comes in.  I just absolutely love the logo!

Flitwicks Unboxing

And this is all of the jewelry that we get!  Front and center is the beautiful owl necklace that really stands out in this box.  It's so big and beautiful!

Flitwicks Unboxing

I get this box delivered to my work and all the girls that I was showing this box to loved this, as do I!  It's obviously so perfect for fall times and owls are so in!

Flitwicks Unboxing

Next are these adorable leaf earrings.  They're so simple but so perfect.  They're super shiny and the perfect golden color to capture the fall.

Flitwicks Unboxing

And last but certainly not least is this adorable little squirrel ring!  He has a little acorn and wraps around your finger perfectly.  I have a fox ring that this little guy will totally be bffl's with and I will just be adorned in adorable fall critters!

I wore all of these pieces together today with a big chunky sweater since it definitely was feeling like fall here and I just loved them all together!  These are so great because any of them can be the star of an ensemble.  

Did you subscribe to this box yet?  Because if you haven't you definitely should!  Each month is a different theme and next month is Earth, Wind and Fire.  As a Fire sign (Aries), I am super excited about it.  Plus they previewed a feather cuff bracelet that is going to be in the box.  I was considering one of the Alex and Ani feather cuffs but this one is going to fill that role quite nicely!

Let me know how you like this box down below and let me know about some of your subscription box addictions!

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