Thursday, October 13, 2016

Get Your Skin Ready For Fall

I don't know about you, but my skin gets super temperamental when the seasons change.  I can always expect to have a small mountain range growing on my chin sometime in September or October, and since the weather here has been a bit of a roller coaster, I'm trying really hard to make sure that my skin is as happy as it can possibly be.  

In the summer, I tend to stick to lighter moisturizers (even at night) and now I start to switch myself over to at least one heavier moisturizer and I absolutely make sure to moisturize day and night from head to toe.  In the summer months I tend to get a little lazy.  Even though I'm showing a touch more skin than normal, it's humid anyway and I guess I feel like I get moisture from the air?  Because science or something?  But in the cooler months my skin just gets angry.  My hands get dry and cracked, my legs get super annoyed with life and my face needs all the love it can get.

I have gotten to a point where I'm not as frugal when it comes to skincare.  In fact, I dare say that I've dialed back on the higher-end brands of makeup and spend more money on my skincare products.  The way I look at it, the better care I take of my skin, the less makeup I'm going to need!

I'm not a huge Lush person.  I like a product here and there, but I'm not someone who has to be Lush from head-to-toe.  I'm also not a bath person so that might have something to do with it.  Last Christmas, however, my Mom got me a gift card for Lush so I went in there looking for a moisturizer.  I told the girl I was looking for something that would be a little firming and definitely had some anti-aging properties.  She pointed me in the direction of Skin's Shangri La, which had a hefty price tag of $49.95, which I definitely balked at.  She assured me that it was going to last me for nearly a year.  I believe that I got this in February or March and it has definitely lasted me.  I'm still using it!  This is a moisturizer meant for mature skin, and while I don't necessarily classify myself that way, I definitely still love it and will probably repurchase.  This is something that I only use at night because it is heavy.  

For my daytime moisturizer, I've been using the Olay Active Botanicals Day Lotion, which has been fine.  My skin is pretty normal so I don't need a ton of moisture in the morning.  I usually just look for something light that will sink into my skin quickly so that I can put my makeup on and not have to worry about it slipping around.

I spoke in my August Life + Blog Recap about how much I was loving my eye cream combination and that still holds true!  The results that I've seen from the combination of products that I've been using still amazes me and I'm certainly going to be keeping these in my rotation.  I'm using the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream in the morning and the ROC Multi Correction 5-in-1 Eye Cream at night.  It's funny because neither of these seem to have stellar reviews online but they have worked amazingly for me.  I mentioned in my August post that I had wrinkles on the outside corner of my eyes and that after using these two products, those wrinkles are gone.  I don't know which one does the great work but I'm not going to stop using either of these!

I've been using the Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum (that's a bit redundant!), and to be honest, I don't really feel much loyalty to this one.  It does the trick okay but I don't know how much of a difference it's making in my skin.  I feel like serums are hard to tell since you cover it up with more products and you never know what product is doing what.  For all I know those eye creams might not be doing anything and it could all be from other products!

I've been making a super conscious effort to make sure to put lotion on every day.  I'm so terrible at making this a daily habit but I'm hoping to correct that!  Again, I'm not overly loyal to any one lotion brand or type.  I try to stay away from scented lotion since I'm finally using a perfume I like and don't want anything to interfere with that. 

Lately I've been using the Jergens Hydrating Coconut Lotion.  MakeupByTiffanyD on YouTube had mentioned it several times in her videos so I picked it up.  I like that it has a little bit of shimmer in it so it makes your skin look radiant and healthy.  Since I'm on the fair side, it's easy for my skin to look a little dull and lifeless.  This adds a little something so my skin just looks glowy.  I use this every morning when I get out of the shower.  Bonus tip, I put this in a lotion dispenser that I got from Home Goods.  This way I don't mind keeping it out on my shelf and I won't forget about it!

I also keep a lotion upstairs to put on before bed, but I'm much less picky about this one.  I'll usually just grab one from whatever store I happen upon when I need it.  Scent doesn't bother me too much with this, especially if it's a lavender scent to help me relax and go to sleep!  I am, however, super into the Earth Therapeutics Foot Repair Balm, which I wear every night to bed with thick fleece socks.  This is something I've been using for a couple months and I love how it makes my feet feel!  I'm not one to go get a manicure or pedicure so I try my best to take care of my hands and feet the best I can.  This stuff definitely makes it easy!

As I mentioned, my hands have a tendency to get dry and cracked and I absolutely swear by the Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion.  I received this stuff as a sample in an Influenster VoxBox ages ago and I haven't been able to live without it!  It's great especially since I work in an office and we go through periods where I'm constantly handling paper.  I don't know why but this absolutely kills my hands.  This lotion helps a ton to bring my hands back to a happy place.  I also make sure to keep some sort of cuticle lotion or balm on hand to keep my cuticles looking acceptable.

What do you do to keep your skin happy as the weather changes?  Do you change anything?  Let me know below!

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