Sunday, October 16, 2016

Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets | Illustrated Edition Review

I love this time of year for various and obviously basic reasons, but one of my new favorite reasons for this time of year is that a new illustrated edition of Harry Potter comes out!  I was blown away by last year's illustrated edition of the Sorcerer's Stone and this year's Chamber of Secrets was no exception!  Let's take a look!

I've actually been listening to this book a ton in preparation for Harry Potter trivia at the end of the month (this book and Prisoner of Azkaban are my responsibilities) so I knew exactly what I was looking forward to seeing illustrated, and one of those things is Dobby!  Obviously we know what the movie adaptation looks like but I feel like Jim Kay does a really great job of taking exactly what is described in the book and not letting the movie versions affect his take on the book too much.   I thought that he did a great job with Dobby!   He is adorable!

We got a peek at the flying car on the cover so we knew what to expect with that, but it certainly doesn't take away from any of the other illustrations in the book!

One of the things that I was most looking forward to in this book was an illustration of Lucius Malfoy.  Unfortunately that didn't happen.  I was so bummed!  Samantha, Noelle and I went over to Barnes & Noble to pick it up on our lunch break and Samantha and I were flipping back and forth trying to find him but to no avail.  Here's hoping for Goblet of Fire! 

I loved the illustrations of the ghosts in the first book and this book was no exception for that love.  The Death Day Party was super pretty, but I loved the illustration of the arrival of the Headless Hunt!

I loved the illustrations for the Skellegrow.  I thought they were so neat.  They're kind of a small detail in the grand scheme of things so to have a whole page dedicated to the illustration is pretty cool!

I absolutely loved the illustrations of Harry being sucked into Tom Riddle's diary.  This is such a cool and different way of bringing it to life!

And last but not least is what I think is my favorite of the bunch, and that is this gorgeous two-page layout of Fawkes that explains different things about the Phoenix.

Phoenix's have always been one of my favorite mythical creatures, so much so that I have one tattooed on my ribs!  I love what they represent and I just think that this entire layout is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  I remember this being one of the images they released to give us a little preview of the book and I just fell in love!

So that's it for this book.  Next year will be my favorite book in Prisoner of Azkaban!  We'll get Lupin illustrated and hopefully Snape in Neville's grandmother's clothes, and the whole Shrieking Shack scene.  Ugh, next fall can't come fast enough!

Did you pick up a copy of this?  What did you think?  What book are you most looking forward to being illustrated or has it already been illustrated?  Let's chat below!

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