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10 Cunning Gift Ideas For Your Slytherin | A Very Merry Harry Potter Christmas

I am in such a Harry Potter mood this weekend!  My friends and I went to go see Fantastic Beasts on Thursday night (AMAZING!!!!) and I've been tuned into the Harry Potter weekend on Freeform for the past couple days.  It has been pretty dang amazing!

Now, for the sugar on top of all of it is my latest installment of my Harry Potter gift guide!  This week we will be covering my favorite house, because it is my house:  Slytherin.

I wanted to kind of explain how I went about putting this together before I jump into the guide.  I could have very easily went around and just picked a lot of Slytherin logo things, which there are a decent amount of that stuff, but I also thought about the description of people in this house and picked out gifts to fit that description.  I did this for all of the houses, so I will put a similar explanation at the beginning of all of my gift guides, but I thought it would be beneficial to explain this since not all of the gifts are actually Harry Potter related or even have the Slytherin logo on them.  Make sense?  I hope so!  

Another thing to point out is that most of the Harry Potter-related, house specific stuff that I put in this post (or any other post) have options available to select another house.  Don't just limit yourself to just your house post!  You might find something else in one of the other house posts that you like.  So, let's get into this!

It takes a lot of work to take over the world.  Trust me, I know.  Noelle, Samantha and I have been planning it for years and it's exhausting.  Plus there are a lot of moving pieces.  You have to have something to help keep everything straight.  That's why I love this planner!  Not only is it gorgeous and super clever (Divination class teaches you to see into the future while this planner is helping you plan your future), but it's obviously super functional.  There is plenty of room to write down all of your plans with layout options so you can make it look exactly how you want it!

You can't talk about the Slytherin house without touching upon some of the dark stuff, which obviously includes Death Eaters.  Some fans are very against representing Death Eaters in any way, but I don't happen to be one of those people.  I am very much able to separate bad fictional characters from actual bad people that live in our world.  In fact, I'm usually far more drawn to the bad guys in any given story because they're generally more interesting than the hero.  The Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort are no exception.  

Which leads me to this awesome Death Eater Starter Kit, which includes 2-4 really awesome tank tops that I am kind of in love with.  You get to mix and match which shirts you want if you don't want all of them.  The options include:  "I Party With Lord Voldemort", "Death Eater", the Dark Mark with Morse Mordre written under and a LV Louis Vuitton logo with Lord Voldemort written underneath.  Some of the designs have glitter but you can opt to have the design be matte instead.  

Once you have all of your tank tops professing your allegiance to the Dark Lord, you might as well seal the deal and go under the needle for the Dark Mark, right?  No?  Maybe you don't want it to be so permanent.  I understand.  Lucky for you, there are tons of Dark Mark temporary tattoos out there!  This one is my absolute favorite.  I've bought the ones from Universal Studios and various other ones on Etsy but this one is awesome.  It's not exactly movie accurate, but it is gigantic on your arm and the design is so cool.  I wore it to trivia once and worked to keep it on the rest of the weekend.  I got a ton of compliments on it and everyone thought it was real.  I even wanted it to be real.  It looked super badass!

4/Lucius Malfoy Movie Replica Props

If you want to talk about Slytherin pride, look no further than Lucius Malfoy.  Just when I think I'm flying my Slytherin flag the highest, I see some of the stuff he wore and had on hand and I am put to shame.  Most notably is his walking stick.   I put money aside so when I went to Universal Studios I could buy it.  I don't regret it for a moment.  It is such a cool piece!  I never want it to leave my house but I know exactly where I want to display it once I get my bedroom painted.  

Lucius also had some pretty awesome snake jewelry.  He had this ring, as well as this ring, and this brooch.  I feel like Lucius is totally one of those people who just had his glory days in high school.  He's really the only one you see walking around with anything hearkening back his school days, but hey, when you're proud of your house you're proud of your house.

He also had a very intricately designed Death Eater mask, which you can get in plaque or necklace form.  

So, the Slytherin common room is in a dungeon.  Under a lake.  Can we talk about cold and damp?  I mean, I know England generally is anyway but no need to add insult to injury!  So what better gift to give your poor shivering cold Slytherin loved one than a blanket that will keep them warm and represent their house pride.  This fleece blanket comes in two sizes and features a really cool Slytherin design on it that will remind anyone using it just what their life is all about.

We know that each house had a horcrux representation in the series and this was the Slytherin contribution.  Don't worry, you don't have to wear it and be in a 24/7 bad mood!  The locket comes with a gorgeous display case to keep your sanity in check.  And if things start going south, you can buy Tom Riddle's destroyed diary, pry out the Basilisk fang and kill the locket.  Nothing to worry about!

Being a Slytherin and being friends with many other Slytherins, I know that we have little to no tolerance for nonsense.  I will be there for my friends anytime they need me.  If I love you, I will jump hurdles for you.  Strangers that feel the need to vent their problems to me  (which happens far more often than my resting bitch face should allow), however, no time.  Which is why I think that fellow Slytherins would enjoy this shirt just as much as I do.  Plus I love foxes.  And puns.  Win win!

As with pretty much all Look Human apparel, you can choose what type of shirt you would like and what color, so play around with the options until you find something you like!  From personal experience, I'm a big fan of their pullovers.

This could just be because I'm in this house, but I always felt like Slytherins have been held to high standards.  It seems a lot of them in the series come from old money and/or old families.  That's why, whenever I'm representing my house, I always want to make sure I look put together and that my makeup is on point.

Makeup is something that I love to do and I love to represent my fandoms at my vanity whenever possible.  I love these brush holders because you can make them Slytherin (or any other house) colors.  This is a set of two brush holders, so you can have one that is green with silver writing and one that is silver with green writing.  These look stunning from the photos so I can only imagine how pretty they are in person.  

There are a bunch of other options in the shop that I think are fitting for a Slytherin.  My other non-Harry Potter choices would be this (explicit), this, and this.

Buzzfeed featured these at some point earlier this year I believe, and I was thisclose to buying all of these in one swoop. Luckily for my wallet, they were pretty much all sold out.  But now they appear to be mostly back in stock!  Why list these guys?  Because most of the shades have Harry Potter-related names, and the best colors (in my opinion) are named after Slytherins.  You have to click through the different shades, but the ones to keep an eye out for are Nagini (Green) and Bella Donna (Bellatrix) (Dark Blue Violet).

The other Harry Potter shades are:  Deadly Nightshade (Sirius) (Dark Navy Blue), Raven (Raven Claw) (Dark Burgundy Red), Lovestruck (Lovegood) (Mauve), Nymphaea (Nymphadora) (Pinkish Greige), Hermes (Hermione) (Pink) and Gigi (Ginny) (Pinky Nude).  Some of these are quite bold but others are very wearable.  Don't be afraid to branch out into some crazy colors!  It's actually incredibly liberating, I promise.

10/Donation To unicef

When I posted my general Harry Potter gift guide, one of my fellow housemates, Natasha,  suggested a donation to a specific charity (which will be highlighted in a different house's gift guide) as an option for a gift.  I thought that was a fantastic idea, but wanted to take it one step further and find a charity that would suit each house.  This ended up being a more difficult task than I thought it would, but donating to any charity is always a good thing so there's no wrong choice.

When thinking of which charity to highlight for Slytherin, I ended up falling on unicef.  This organization provides aid to children in a ton of different ways, including emergency relief from natural disasters, providing vaccinations to children who otherwise don't have access to them, and taking children out of war-torn areas where they may otherwise be forced to join in the militia at a very young age.

Why I decided to go with this was organization was because I felt like it hit home with taking children out of war-torn areas.  Again, since Slytherins are typically synonymous with Death Eaters, I felt like there could be some children in dangerous situations.  I'm certainly able to separate the fiction of this situation with the real life situations that children face on a daily basis in various countries around the world.  You can read up on the work they do because no matter which way you slice it, this is a fantastic organization.


And that is my Slytherin gift guide!  I hope you enjoyed these ideas.  Feel free to share any other ideas you have in the comments below.  Come back next week when I will be featuring a gift guide for that lovable Hufflepuff in your life!

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