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10 Fantastic Gift Ideas For Your Loyal Hufflepuff | A Very Merry Harry Potter Christmas

Hufflepuff Gift Guide

I think that we can all agree on one thing:  this is the year of the Hufflepuff.  And it's about time, am I right?  Hufflepuffs have always gotten the short end of the stick.  I feel like they're looked down upon the most of the houses, but I think if I wasn't a Slytherin I would want to be a Hufflepuff.  I like food and I'm much more of an animal person than a people person.  I also feel that with the proper training, I could really do some nice things with plants.  As it stands right now, I definitely could use some training.

If you've been keeping up with my gift guides, you'll remember in my Slytherin one I explained that when I was putting this guide together, I not only thought of gifts that actually represent the house, but I thought of gifts that people who would be sorted into those houses would actually like based upon the type of people that get sorted into these houses.  Granted these are a little stereotypical, they're all still in good fun.  So let's jump on in!

If you've seen Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, you are quite familiar with Newt Scamander and his many, many adorable beasts.  So, why not represent one of the most notorious Hufflepuffs ever with his unique scarf?  Instead of the typical black and yellow, this one is gray and yellow and has a patch with his initials sewn into it as well.  I've never bought any of the official striped scarves so this is pure speculation, but this one looks to be nicer quality than the other ones.  Maybe it's just the colors and them being more muted but it just looks super cozy!

Bring home one of Tom Riddle's horcruxes and represent your house pride with this movie replica Hufflepuff Cup!  You can't drink out of it, but you can put all sorts of other fun things in there.  Plus you'll be representing your house pride!  Or you can go with a more portable (and less expensive) form of house pride and wear this cup around your neck

One of those aforementioned stereotypes about the house of Hufflepuff is that they like to eat.  Like, all the time.  Which to me sounds absolutely fantastic.  Having your common room down by the kitchens has to be mighty tempting, especially if you know all you have to do is tickle the pear on the portrait and then all of your food dreams will come true!  But until you have a slew of House Elves willing to make you anything you wish, you can cook all sorts of meals and goodies and eat like a Hufflepuff would courtesy of this handy cookbook!

If you're like what I assume is the majority, your Pottermore Patronus quiz results were less than desirable.  I got a weasel.  Not very intimidating, and I don't feel like it represents me too well.  But now you can have a shirt that exclaims that your Patronus is only one of the absolute best things to ever be created: Pizza.  There are a couple other options if you search through the website, but I think this represents the Hufflepuff house quite well!

The Head of Hufflepuff house is Professor Sprout, who is the Herbology professor.  Much like Snape expected great things of his Slytherin students, I have to imagine that Professor Sprout expected great things of her Hufflepuff students.  Why not suck up a little bit and impress her with this beautiful flower crown?  Not only does it show of your house pride, but it also shows your love of plants!  Win win!

Hufflepuff Gift Guide

If you want to score even more points with Professor Sprout, show up ready to grow things in this fancy flower pot!  It is the perfect to put your Mimbulus Mimbletonia or Mandrake in.

Now that we've sufficiently sucked up enough, we've certainly learned our fair share about all of the wonderful plants of the wizarding world and we're ready to have our very own garden!  Why not liven it up a little bit, and help wayward travelers, with this adorable lawn sign?  Help people find the way to Three Broomsticks for a delicious mug of Butterbeer, or Zonko's for some prank supplies.  

As Sirius Black once said, we all have light and dark in us.  Yes, even a Hufflepuff.  And maybe the darkest thing you want to do is paint your nails black.  Woah.  Calm down there, friend.  But I got you covered nonetheless!  This awesome nail polish has a black base with some gorgeous golden glitter.  So get your bad on, Hufflefriend!  

And then there are the days when our sweet and kind Hufflepuff friends just can't.  We all have those days.  But people probably aren't used to you having bad days and not being your super friendly self.  Let your mug do the talking then.  I'd be hard-pressed to bother you when you're drinking your coffee out of this!

If you aren't familiar with Lumos, this is a foundation started by J.K. Rowling in an effort to "transform outdated systems that drive families apart".  According to their website, "Of the 8 million children in institutions worldwide, more than 90% are not orphans.  Most have families who love them and want them but they are driven into institutions because of poverty and discrimination on the grounds of disability or ethnicity." 

Due to Helga Hufflepuff's loyalty to children and the willingness to take anyone in, I feel like this would be a great charity to donate to on behalf of your Hufflepuff.  They do work worldwide and I don't think that anyone can deny the benefit of a child having a loving and supportive family surrounding them.  

If you're looking to donate and have something to leave under the tree, you can purchase this charm bracelet from the Noble Collection.  Each house has their own base bracelet, which comes with a house crest, sorting hat and Lumos charm.  Then there are a variety to choose from to make the bracelet complete!  At least 15% from each bracelet will go to Lumos.  You can also purchase a copy of Tales of Beetle the Bard or the Hogwarts Library, with partial proceeds going toward this charity.

Hufflepuff Gift Guide


And that is it for the Hufflepuffs!  What would you buy for the Hufflepuff in your life?  Give us more suggestions down below!  Make sure to come back next week where we'll gather up some gifts for our Ravenclaw loved ones.

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