Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Loot Crate Wizarding World Unboxing | November 2016

Once upon a time I was subscribed to Loot Crate.  I stopped subscribing because I found myself disliking more and more of the crates because I wasn't interested in the themes and the products in their boxes.  It was too general for me.  Fast forward to me getting an e-mail that they had just announced that they would be the provider of the Official Harry Potter/J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World box.  You roped me back in, Loot Crate.  Well played.  I tip my proverbial cap to you.

The Wizarding World crate is a bi-monthly subscription box that obviously covers the entire Wizarding World.  Given that this was the first crate I wasn't 100% sure what to expect as they were a little on the vague side as to what was going to be the "theme", if there is one.  I thought this was a very well-balanced crate.  I figured there would be some Fantastic Beasts stuff in it, and considering I absolutely loved that movie I didn't have any objections!  So, without further adieu, let's see what's inside!

Side note, I absolutely adored that the box was just like Newt's briefcase.  It had a little Muggle Worthy sticker on the outside and the box looked just like a normal, black and boring Loot Crate box.  Once you got inside, however, it was this awesome I Want To Be A Wizard box that you can turn inside out when it's safely out of Muggle's hands.

As with all Loot Crate boxes, you get a t-shirt.  This shirt is really neat but super busy.  It's the front page of New York's magical newspaper, The New York Ghost.  It's pretty cool that this ties directly into what is happening in Fantastic Beasts, all the way down to the picture of Mary Lou leading one of her Second Salemers rallies.

I couldn't tell you whether I enjoyed the people or the Fantastic Beasts more in that movie, but I absolutely loved this little guy!  And now I can wear him everywhere I go thanks to this adorable lapel pin.  He was one of my favorites and he definitely seems like one of the more manageable creatures.

Here we have this really pretty Hedwig and Hogwarts letter keychain!  Because who doesn't want to get their letter?  Now we can have it with us all the time!  This is really quite substantial and good quality.  It comes at a perfect time as my current keychain broke.  This will replace that one quite nicely!

PIG!  How absolutely adorable is this little guy?!  And oh man, to feel him.  He is so soft and squishy!  Luckily I won't have to deal with him flying around like a mad-owl all night long.  I don't know if the cats would be too fond of that.  But I will be super happy to have him displayed on my shelf in case I need to send out any letters.  He may not be the most reliable owl, but he'll certainly do in a pinch!

You can never have too many Nifflers, right?  Because I have three!  I bought myself the flocked one from Hot Topic, then John bought me one, and now I got one in my Loot Crate.  There were five different ones you could get:  Newt, Tina, Jacob, Dumbledore or the Niffler.  This guy will hang out with me at work and help me be the Queen of Sparkly and Shiny Things!

And last is this gorgeous notebook with the MCUSA logo on it.  It has the golden lining on the pages as well as a Real Time Hex Indicator in the back.  All of the pages are unlined so you can use it as a sketchbook, bullet journal, or just a regular journal. 

We also received this little scroll, which I assumed might just be a welcome poster for the first box, but ended up talking about all of the loot!  I think this is such a neat little feature.  I think Loot Crate still gives out the magazines in their crates that explains everything inside but this is so much more magical!

And that is everything!  As a side note, you do have the opportunity to chose your house when you sign up, which leads me to believe they will be doing more house-specific merchandise in the future.  I received an e-mail today saying that the next box's theme is going to be "A Matter of Time", which leads me to believe I will be getting another Time Turner.  But who knows!  

If you are interested in signing up you can do so here.  The next box isn't shipping until January so it's always something you can ask to be under your Christmas Tree or leave under someone else's!

Did you get this box or were you waiting to see what was in it before you dove in?  Let me know what you think in the comments!

 *This post contains my Loot Crate Referral link.  For every one person referred is a credit I earn on my account.  This box is purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.

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