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Life & Blog Recap | November 2016

Blog Recap;


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Life Recap;

This month was quick!  I love fall, which sucks since I feel like it just flew by, but it's okay because it means Christmas is right around the corner!  This month was relatively uneventful.  My Mom had a big birthday this month, so that was exciting!  We ended up spending the day in Queens, NY with my brother and his girlfriend.  My parents had gone on a west coast trip the week leading up to it so that was her big gift to herself so she just wanted to do something a little more relaxing.

Thanksgiving happened, which was delicious and wonderfully low-key, as usual.  We saw Doctor Strange and loved it!  And I think that was pretty much it, aside from just some stuff we worked on around the house, which I promise you is pretty unexciting.  


I have some random favorites, and then we'll get into some beauty stuff.  I've been going back and forth with taking morning showers and night showers for years.  I'm on a kick of night showers and I am loving it.  There is nothing better than a super hot shower before you go to bed, especially in these colder months.  I also got some organic and handmade soaps from Hippy Dippy Soap Girls at Harry Potter trivia last month and I am obsessed.  I got five different bars that are all Harry Potter scented and they just make my bathroom smell amazing.  I've already used up my Pumpkin Juice and Butterbeer, and now I'm onto Seriously?  Black.  

Another thing I've been loving lately that I feel like I'm really late to the party on are bralettes.  Where have these been all my life?!  They are so pretty and comfortable and I honestly feel like I get more support from these than regular bras.  They are slowly but surely taking over my underwear drawer.  Every time I see them I keep buying more and more!  For now I've been wearing them to bed.  I like to wear a bra of some sort to bed but regular bras are just too much.  These are comfortable and perfect for sleeping!

So, onto some beauty favorites.  I've been using the Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara, which is the one that is supposed to tint your lashes darker.  It definitely works!  My lashes are so light, and since I'm so fair I find that when I don't wear mascara it just doesn't look like I have any lashes since they just blend in with my light skin.  Now I have some definition all the time!  My only complaint is that I get transfer on my  bottom lashes.  I wish they would make a waterproof!

I've also been really into the L'Oreal Voluminous Liner Noir from their Feline collection.  I'd been using a brush applicator with a pot of liquid liner.  I forget how much easier it is for me to use a felt tip liner when doing liquid liner.  This stays quite well on me, considering my eyes do get watery throughout the day, so that is a definite plus in my book!

My last absolute, have to mention beauty favorite is this Stila Jewel Eye Shadow in Golden Topaz.  This isn't the most pigmented shadow.  If you really pack it on there you can get some color, but once you start to blend it out it just leaves fine silver glitter all over your lids, which I have been loving so much!  It looks really pretty and looks "grown-up" enough to be warn daily.

And, I'd be silly not to mention Gilmore Girls in this favorites.  I've said before that John and I have been binge watching this (me for the first time) and man, talk about devastating at the end.  I am firmly on Team Logan and I was so sad for him.  And then of course the new ones came out the day after Thanksgiving and we polished those off in two days.  I'm still uncertain how I felt about them.  They certainly didn't give us any closure, that's for sure.  I have to re-watch them before I can have an opinion, I think.  I was just so emotional through most of everything so I don't feel like I actually absorbed whether I liked it or not. 


How was your November?  What were you loving?  Let me know in the comments!

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