Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Weekend Haul

I have nothing to unbox this week (sad face), but I did do some shopping over the weekend!  I had some Christmas presents to buy because yes, I am that person that generally has my shopping done by December 1.  I like to actually enjoy my December and not stress myself out over gifts I need to get.  And what's the fun when you're shopping if you can't pick up a few things for yourself, right? 

I popped over to TJ Maxx on Friday and happened upon a ton of higher-end makeup in one of the bins.  Naturally I had to grab something!  I opted for this Kat Von D Shade & Light blush palette.  As much as I've wanted to, I've never really jumped too much into her makeup line.  I picked up some brushes years ago that I still enjoy using, and I have a palette and lipstick that I got as a gift but that's about it.  I always hear such great things about her products but I just forget about it. Plus I've been on a big drugstore makeup kick lately anyway and haven't set foot in Sephora in ages.

I was also happy to find this Rose Water facial spray.  I have the Coconut Water one by the same brand and I love it.  It's so refreshing, especially after taking a hot shower.  I usually put it on right before I put on my moisturizers.  

Speaking of drugstore makeup, I saw Mili from The Pink Traveller review the NYX Avant Pop palettes and I was absolutely in love with the Nouveau Chic.  I decided I would pick it up and try it out, so I'm excited to use it this week!  I was going to pick up some of the Lip Lingerie colors but I wasn't loving any of them, and while I absolutely love nude lips I'm kind of picky about them.  I'm going to do some more research before I jump in.  Plus the selections are always so picked over.

I was so excited to find this!  I am absolutely in love with this soap I got from Homegoods by Grace Cole in the Vanilla Blush & Peony and have been stalking every single Homegoods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls looking for a lotion to match.  I haven't had any luck all year, but then I found a gift set that had both the soap and the lotion!  So I bought all of the ones that were at TJ Maxx and will probably continue to stalk around and buy all the rest of them.  So if you're in Southern New Jersey and would like this, you probably aren't going to find any.  Sorry not sorry.

I got unicorn slippers!!  I have been looking all over for new slippers because the ones I got last year are worn out.  I wanted new furry boot ones but these are perfect.  I love these so so much!

And that's everything from this weekend!  Did you do any hauling or Christmas shopping?  Let me know what you picked up!

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