Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Weekend Haul II

I'm really hoping that I'm not alone in this, but when I go Christmas shopping I'm really hard-pressed to not buy things for myself.  I tell myself to stop buying things.  I tell myself I don't need them and that I'm spending more than enough money on other people right now and I shouldn't be buying this thing, but then I buy the thing.  Usually it ends up being things and then there I am, walking out of the mall with bags upon bags of things for me.  Sigh.  I wish I could say I try really hard not to buy things, but I don't.  It's a sickness, really.  Which is why in 2017 I'll be reassessing want vs. need.  But 2017 isn't here yet, so here I am with a little haul from this past weekend!

I am well aware that I am beyond behind on this, but I went to Aerie for the very first time this weekend.  I've been aware of the store, but I just never felt the need to go in.  Now that I'm going through this bralette obsession, I felt like it was 100% necessary for me to go in there.  Plus there was a giant sign out front that said pretty much the whole store was 50% off so, yeah. 
I stocked myself up on bralettes, and also picked up a pair of satin pajama pants.  Where have these been all my life?!  They are so comfortable.  And the print is just gorgeous.  I will certainly be picking up more of these and getting rid of some of the many tattered pairs of sweatpants and leggings I have been sleeping in.  I am an ~adult~ now so I guess this is what adults wear.
If you live in New Jersey, you are aware that the mall situation in this state is pretty ridiculous.  I mean, any mall around the holidays is ridiculous but having lived in New York before living in New Jersey, I feel very certain that malls here are a different animal.  It also doesn't help that the mall I go to is in the center of the town it's in and that the rest of the shopping area is built like a square around the mall.  You either have to go around it, or go through it, which probably adds to the chaos. 
For this reason, I usually just go in a door that is near the one store I need to go in and book it out of there as quickly as possible.  For whatever crazy reason this weekend, however, I decided to explore.  I had my patient pants on (metaphorically, of course) and I hadn't walked through the mall in a million years so who knew what I was missing out on?  Aside from the ridiculously tempting food options (a waffle shop, an ice cream place that makes those insane milkshakes people wait in line for hours for, a super delicious looking Mexican place), I couldn't not go into the Box Lunch store.  I didn't even know these were actual stores.  I just thought it was a website.  But when I walk by a store and through the window I see both giant Harry Potter and Disney displays, I'm hard-pressed to pass that up.
I was actually quite proud of myself.  I had a lot of restraint.  I could have very easily bought almost everything in that store but I pulled back.  I bought a couple gifts and got myself a couple small things.  I love that they have a whole section of fun skincare stuff that seems to mostly be from Japan and Korea.  They also have loads of blind box/bag things, which I'm always a sucker for.  I found these guys and had to buy a couple since I don't have any from Series 2.
My last stop was Ulta, which is thankfully out of the mall but in a small shopping center with little to no parking and a bunch of popular stores.  Me and my patient pants parked as far away as possible so I didn't get involved in the insane people trying to find parking spots.
I wanted to get a new foundation because I got pretty disenchanted with the one I was using, so I'm giving this Japonesque one a go.  I've never tried anything from this brand, although I've always admired their brushes.  I also needed a new beauty blender-type thing so I picked up this little set.  I've heard good things about the Ulta brand sponges so why not!  When I was checking out, they had these little sample packs of The Body Shop masks that everyone seems to be raving about lately.  I figured I'd give them a try to see which one I like best.  I know there's two other ones but this is all they had so hopefully one of these three work for me!
And that is it for my haul.  Did you do any weekend hauling?  Let me know what you picked up below!

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