Sunday, January 15, 2017

La La Land Inspired Date Night Ideas

I, like most people, have been caught up in the La La Land wave.  As a total musical theatre geek, throw a musical at me and I'm hard pressed not to see it.  I remember reading about this movie a while ago and being so excited for it.  I absolutely loved Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling together in Crazy Stupid Love and I love them both individually so it's a no-brainer for me when those two come together  The movie was such a fun, brightly colored movie, and while it had it's sad bits (to me at least, but I cry at everything) I overall enjoyed the tone of everything. 

I also loved how it was kind of nostalgic Hollywood while being in the modern world, which I think adds this whole other element of romance to the movie.  I also loved how they played on that word so much, between the actually love story and Sebastian and Mia's separate romance for their art.  So, with romance being such an overall theme of the film, I thought it might be fun to share with you guys some romantic date night ideas.  Since Valentine's Day is not too far away, it gives you plenty of time to throw one of these together, should you so choose.

1/ Dress up and see a Classic Film

There is something so glamorous about Ryan and Emma on their own, probably the fact that both of them are just insanely attractive and can pull off any outfit they so choose, but throw them in a suit and retro-fit dress and it's just magic.  One of my absolute favorite scenes in the movie is when they go to see Rebel Without A Cause, completely decked out to the nines.  There are so many different movie theatres that have Fathom Events or just show classic movies.  Find one, get yourself all dolled up and go have a good time!  And, as the saying goes, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed, so let them all stare and be jealous.

2/ Plan a picnic in a park with the best view of your town

Being that the movie was set in LA, there are many places for them to go that have fantastic views of the city of various landmarks.  So many pivotal scenes seemed to happen in these locations and for a good reason:  they are romantic, no matter the view.  There's a park in Philadelphia that is just beautiful, and the view of the skyline is absolute perfection.  It makes you feel so small because you're in the middle of nature, seeing this gorgeous man-made scene in front of you.  And while you may not live in or near a metropolitan area, there are sure to be parks near you that offer a great view or dreamy scenery.  There is nothing more romantic than that!

3/ Enjoy a night out at a local club

Sebastian was so passionate about jazz.  It's actually funny because he reminded me so much of my brother in his conviction about it.  My brother is a huge jazz fan and I know more about it than I probably care to, but I certainly have an appreciation for it.  While it's not exactly my cup of tea, I'm a huge music fan and love nothing more than sitting down and listening to live music.  Odds are you can find a club close to you that hosts local or lesser-known musicians.  Find one of these and give it a shot!  It's always a risk to try out new music, but you never know.  You could get in on the ground level of the next big thing, or just find someone insanely talented to appreciate.

4/Learn a new hobby together

We can't all just know how to tap dance together on a whim, but we can certainly learn, right?  It's fun to have things that you can do together, and there's nothing better than learning something new together that can be totally your thing!  It doesn't have to be dancing, but maybe an art class or even a music class.  There's endless possibilities so find something that can speak to both of you!

5/  Go to an observatory and enjoy the stars

While I would necessarily advise breaking in (did they?  I don't know how that observatory works but it sure looks like they did), the stars and the moon are so romantic and are one of my favorite things to gaze upon.  You can go learn some new things about the sky above you and who knows, maybe gravity will malfunction for a minute or two and allow you to dance among the stars!

Did you get a chance to see La La Land?  Let me know how you liked it, and let me know if you have any date night ideas in the comments!

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