Sunday, January 1, 2017

Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing | December 2016 | X-Men

When this box was announced, I was so excited.  I've mentioned before that the X-Men is one of my first geeky memories as my brother and I were obsessed with the cartoon that was on in the early 90's.  We would go to Pizza Hut to get the VHS copies of the episodes and we would be up early enough to catch it on Saturday mornings.  Storm was my very first favorite superhero (and still holding strong as #1), and my Cyclops hatred was deep-seeded from when I was a little girl.  I have been holding out for this box since I joined and I didn't think it would happen.  They always seemed to align themselves with the Marvel Studio movie releases and not so much the Sony ones, which did change with the Spiderman box.  But regardless, we have an X-Men box and I'm stoked.  Let's see what's inside!

As with all Collector Corps boxes, we received a patch and a pin.  Obviously I'm excited to have a Storm patch!  I don't do much with these but I might put it up in my cubicle at work with my Harry Potter patches.  And then there is a Magneto pin, which is equally cool.  I've always enjoyed Magneto so I'm happy to add this to my little pin collection!

Another always in the Collector Corp boxes are variant covers of a comic series.  I read X-Men '92 and another X-Men book which I am woefully behind on and don't remember which version it is.  I know there are several.  It's the one with Storm in it, naturally, and she is also in Black Panther, another one that I am behind on.  If we're being honest, I'm behind on all of my comics.  I need to get caught up STAT!

This is hands down my favorite shirt that I've received so far.  It actually seems to run a little smaller than the ones that we've received, which I'm not going to complain about!  And I always find that their shirts are really nice quality and super soft.  Love this so, so much!

I love this figure so much, too!  This is one of their Rockcandy lines of figures and it is Mystique in her classic outfit.  She's so beautiful.  I love these styles of figurines.  John gets the DC version of the Funko box and he got a TV Supergirl Rockcandy figure that is equally cute.  I'll definitely be displaying her with my collection!

You can't have an X-Men box without Wolverine, and this one is pretty adorable on his motorcycle.  He's tricky to actually balance on there, but eventually he gets himself situated.  To be honest, between the t-shirt and the Mystique figure, Wolverine is my least favorite, but he's still pretty cool.  I just feel like we've been on Wolverine overload with this new reboot.  Regardless, I do like Wolverine so he will be hanging out with Mystique and my already-owned Storm somewhere in my collection!

Let me know what your favorite thing from this box was!  And who is your favorite X-Men character?  Tell me in the comments down below!

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