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Girl Bosses In Pop Culture | The Mighty Thor

As a girl, I'm absolutely thrilled to start seeing a whole lot more girl bosses popping up in my favorite geeky shows and comic books.  Granted, ladies have been ruling in the comic book universe for quite a while.  Storm has been my hands down favorite super hero ever since I was little.  I grew up on the X-Men cartoon and stealing my brother's X-Men comics.  

I wanted to start a series where I highlight some of my favorite ladies that have been on my radar lately and tip my cap to their awesomeness.  I figured I would start with one of the more controversial ones because, sadly, people can't just seem to get over the fact that a lady took the place of a superhero that was always a man.  We are, of course, talking about Thor.

I will admit to not knowing much about Thor before the movies started coming out.  John and I ended up going to see that instead of a RomCom I wanted to see that had been getting awful reviews, and I was really happy to have seen it!  For one, I loved that there wasn't really an origin story.  I don't know why but I hate origin stories.  I feel like I want to blame it on Spiderman and the constant rehashings of how he became Spiderman, even though I think every person on Earth who never even picked up a comic book in their lives know how Peter Parker became Spiderman.  But I digress.  Thor's a God.  He's worthy of the hammer.  Simple.  Cut and dry.  I like it.  And, if we're being totally honest, Chris Hemsworth didn't hurt the appeal of the movie.

I wasn't interested enough to read the comic books, however.  That is until they announced that Thor was going to be a lady.  And it shattered the comic book world pretty hard.  Until then, not many of the "main stream" superheroes had females completely taking over the character.  Now it's pretty commonplace, which is awesome, but I'm pretty sure Marvel is still receiving some backlash.  Whether it's sexism or people just not really loving change or a mixed bag of the two, the letters column in The Mighty Thor got to be pretty discouraging.  They've gotten much better as the story has gone on, probably because it is an awesome effing story for a Thor of any gender, but it still kind of astounds me in this age that people would get so up in arms about something like this.  Thor has been the same since forever, and since when is updating a character a bad thing?  Plus, they leave it a little of a mystery as to what actually happened to Thor Odinson.  

I also find it potentially a little tongue-in-cheek that Odin has such a shitfit over a girl being Thor as well.  I don't know if it's purposely a knock to the people flipping out over it or just a coincidence, but I'd like to think the former.

The comic itself is an absolute joy to read.  Like I said before, the story is really interesting, the writing is ensnaring and the art... can we talk about the art??  It is so beautiful.  There are several different storylines happening in this run, one of them being with the elves.  I think it's kind of tough to capture the effervescence that I always assume elves have, but they nail it perfectly.  They are so beautiful.  And Thor is gorgeously drawn and not at all sexualized, which is a treat.  Heck, there's even a character in here called Exterminatrix who isn't even really all that sexualized.  I mean, she's clearly a dominatrix who carries a whip and enjoys torturing people, but from looking at old versions of her, this one is quite tame.  I adore her entire outfit, actually!  She has a cape!  Which is obviously a total novel thing in comic books... 

ANYWAY!  If you're looking for a series to get in to, I would seriously recommend this one.  The first run of this is already in trade form and that run deals with everyone trying to figure out who this new Thor is.  If you aren't someone who has followed Thor before this run, I think this is a perfect place to pick it up.  If you're also able to get your hands on the short run of Thors during last year's Secret Wars run, that would compliment the first run nicely.  Definitely do read the first run of The Mighty Thor before you read Thors or else everything will be spoiled for you.  And yes, if you're wondering, Loki is in this version.  The God of Mischief never rests!

Are you reading The Mighty Thor?  What do you think?  Let's talk about it in the comments below!  And let me know who some of your favorite pop culture girl bosses are!  I'll be sharing mine throughout the series.  And if you're feeling like it, share it and start your own girl boss conversation with your friends!

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