Sunday, August 21, 2016

Gotham Girls Soho Brush Sets

There is nothing more satisfying for me than seeing a new drugstore line come out on Nouveau Cheap from some random place in some random state, and then I go to my local drugstore(s... depending on how crazy I'm feeling) and find said new drugstore line.  Something that makes me even happier is the beauty concierge telling me she wasn't even sure if she was supposed to put them out.  And that's what happened with the brand new Gotham Girls Soho Brush sets!

I saw a picture of them on Instagram last Wednesday morning and knew I would be making my Walgreens rounds to find them.  Thank goodness it only took two to track them down!

The set features makeup bags and brushes featured around Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Batgirl.  Let's take a closer look at those brush sets!

The Harley Quinn set is a 3-Piece Face Set.  You get an All Over Face Brush, a Curved Foundation Brush and an Angled Brow Brush.  I love that these are split red and black like Harley's classic costume.  The design on all of these are just too perfect!

The next set is the Catwoman set, which has cats all over the brushes and that is so amazing!!!  Even if you aren't a comic book fan but you like cats, these are perfect for you!  This is, of course, a 5-Piece Cat Eye Set.  It comes with an Eyeshadow Brush, a Crease Brush, a Pointed Eyeliner Brush, a Brown Brush and a Brow Groomer.  Now, I don't know how think you like your eyeliner, but there is no way in hell that I would ever use the brush they claim is an eyeliner brush to put on eyeliner with.  I would, however, use that to carve out my crease.  

And last but not least is the Batgirl set!  Obviously this set has the bat symbol all over the place.  This set is a 3-Piece Contour Brush Set and includes a Stippling Brush, an Angled Buff Brush and a Concealer Brush.  

All of these sets are $9.99, which is a great value.  The Soho Brushes historically have been really great.  I picked up a couple of their Disney sets a while back and I really like them!  They always seem to have all sorts of fun geeky sets that suck me in!

Are you going to be trying to hunt these down?  Which set do you want the most?  Share this with your friends who would love to add these brushes to their collection!

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  1. Where did you get that cute joker cup?!

    1. It was either from Wal Mart or Target. They always have super cute plastic cups in their party section!


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