Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Baltimore Comic Con 2016 Haul

Hello!  Sorry for not getting a post up on Friday/Saturday.  I had one written but it didn't jazz me too much.  BUT I have something fun for today, and that is my haul from Baltimore Comic Con!

We went down on Friday, which was AMAZING.  We usually go on Sundays but John couldn't get off from work and it ended up working out perfectly.  Not only did we get the first pick of everything, but it wasn't as crowded as Sundays.  It was the least stressful Con I'd ever been to!

As soon as the doors open, I went straight to Katie Cook's table since I didn't get a chance to get anything from her last year.  I knew I wanted to get a Remus Lupin sketch since she's a big Harry Potter fan.  She had a couple pre-sketched sketches on the table, one of which John loved, and I got the Star Wars book as a gift for my friend at work who is having a baby.

Next, I went to a Hannah Churn's table.  John and I had gotten sketches from her two years ago and she wasn't there last year so I definitely wanted to get something from her!  I got a sketch that is going to be a Christmas gift, and then I got this adorable cat notebook.  I also happened upon this Cat Thor tank top that I couldn't not buy!

Next up was a stop at Penelope Gaylord's table to get her second Ariel print.  I got her Kiss The Girl Ariel print last year and saw that she was working on another Ariel print for NYCC I believe, which I knew I needed.  So I got it and it is gorgeous!!

I stumbled upon a new to me artist, Emma Fox, who had a gorgeous print of Poison Ivy that caught my eye.  I decided to get a commission from her of Loki and it turned out so cute!  She was super sweet and let us take some stickers and a button for free as well!

Another stumble upon for me was Mink Works, who has SUCH an adorable and whimsical style!  I got sucked in with her Alice In Wonderland print, and then saw she had a Hogwarts print as well so I knew I needed to have them both!

And last but certainly not least, last year we found The Plush Pop toward the end of the day.  They sell bag clips and catnip toys!  Naturally, we had to buy the cats some toys and they all loved them.  We ordered some from their Etsy shop and I was happy to purchase more while we were there! 

So that's my haul!  Let me know what your favorite is.  It's hard for me to choose!  I can tell you the cats definitely love the toys!

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