Saturday, September 10, 2016

Geek Gear Harry Potter Unboxing | August 2016

Hello!  So, just as a heads up, since I'm back to a normal work schedule and no more summer hours, I'm going to change the days on which I post.  I'm going to be doing Saturday and Wednesday now instead of Friday and Tuesday.  Just gives me more of the weekend to work on things!

Anyway, onto the good stuff, which is the Geek Gear Harry Potter Unboxing for August!  

We got a couple hints leading up to the box and the hints ended up being pretty literal!  One was a snitch and the other was The Three Broomsticks.

I absolutely love this necklace!  It is so cute!  And the thing that floored me was that it was actually set to my time zone.  I've mentioned before that this box is based out of the UK so I don't know whether they were able to order them tuned into everyone's specific timezone or if someone had to sit and set them, but either way claps for small details!

Every month we get a t-shirt, and per the magazine in the box, they go to a different designer every month to keep it fresh.  Being the Disney freak that I am, I am preeetty obsessed with this shirt and I cannot wait to rock it!  Even better?  You got one customized to your house colors!  I love that!

For The Three Broomsticks clue, we got this adorable mason jar mug and an actual bottle of Butterscoth Beer.  Crazy!  They had this at the Harry Potter Festival that I go to and I remember trying it and not loving it, but it was also warm which was kind of weird.  So I popped mine in the refrigerator and will be trying it tonight!

And lastly, as always, we get a couple of prints.  Each box contained a customized print to your house, and then these Hogwarts Express and Knight Bus tickets!  I have my Slytherin print set up on my Harry Potter shelf in my living room, just in case I'm not already boastful enough about being in the best house! :) 

And that's my unboxing!  If you're interested in subscribing to this box, or their other Geek-centric box, you can head on over to their website for subscription information!  As of today, the Harry Potter box is sold out for September but you can get in for October's box.  And if you're subscribed for September, get excited because the hint they gave us in the box is a Dark Mark!!  Woo!!

Did you get this box this month?  Let me see what your prints look like if you're in a different house!   Share this with a friend who loves Harry Potter and would love this box!

This box was purchased by me.  I am in no way affiliated with Geek Gear and all opinions are my own.  The link provided is a referral link that gives me points toward a free box.

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