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Life & Blog Recap | September 2016

It is finally fall and I couldn't be happier!!  Like all basic girls, I am excited for pumpkin everything, sweaters, boots and rainy days that are perfect for binge watching a show and knitting and curling up in my window box with a good book.  Summer just doesn't inspire those things as much. 

Blog Recap
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Life Recap
September was busy!  My Mom and I had a lot going on, as per the usual.  We're always up to something!  We had a couple of Phillies games to go to (and only one more for the season - sad face!), as well as some concerts.  We saw The Lumineers and Amos Lee in the same weekend, which is fantastic.  It was our second time seeing both of them this year (we saw them both over the summer - Amos in May and The Lumineers in June) and we enjoyed both shows, of course! 
John and I went down to Baltimore on Labor Day weekend to go to Baltimore Comic Con, which is the only Con we seem to be going to these days.  I love Baltimore and always want to get down there early to walk around the Harbor but that never seems to work out too well.  I got a ton of art, which you can see in my haul post, and it was our first time going on a Friday which will probably become the norm.  It was nice that it wasn't crowded and we were able to get everything we wanted in a short period of time.
My friend Noelle and I went to a Science After Dark event at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia that was focused around Harry Potter.  The museum has these events monthly, and what's wonderful about them is that the events are 21+.  That museum is very kid friendly but is a really neat museum, but when you go on a weekend with a million kids running around, it's really tough to get a chance to look at the exhibits, and being that I'm not the biggest fan of kids it can get old fast.  The event was super fun and really cool.  They had different tables set up throughout the museum centered around the science behind the wizarding world.  They had muggle quidditch, which is hands down one of my favorite things in life, as well as a concert by Harry and The Potters.  It was our first time seeing them and hearing any of their music and we had so much fun.  They were hilarious!

And lastly, this past weekend my Mom and I went to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.  We went for the first time last year but we went at the end of October.  It was freezing and it was a rainy, which turned to snow briefly, before turning into a downpour.  I think we only spent three hours there, which sucked because we were both really excited to go!  The weather was absolutely beautiful this time and we were able to spend most of the day there.  I dabbled in dressing up as an elf which was so much fun.  I got a headpiece and ears from this amazing shop on Etsy and a long dress.  I wore blue lipstick and had duochrome highlighter all over my body.  It was awesome.  The Queen complimented me on my lipstick so I chalked that up as a win.  I also threw a knife into a wall and it stuck.  I'm the most badass elf queen ever.
Current Knitting Project

I had such a productive knitting month.  Last month I said I had five projects to finish before Christmas, with three of them being blankets.  Guess who finished two of those blankets this month?  This girl!  I had started one of them in August and finished it this month, then started and finished one this month.  I'm feeling mighty accomplished and I'm going to be talking about them with you probably next week in a post.  Making all of these blankets has definitely been a learning experience! 
I'm going to be starting my last blanket hopefully this weekend and I'm hoping to have it done by the end of October/Early November.  This is going to be a bit of a bigger project since the blanket is going to be bigger than the other ones, and I'm going to be modifying an existing pattern to fit my blanket but I'm thinking it's going to work, and I'm thinking it's going to be cool.  I'm being vague about it because it's going to be a Christmas gift, but I'm excited to share it with you guys once it's done and given, so it will probably be the first post I do after Christmas.  That's how excited I am about it.  I'm going to be making a million of them!
September Favorites

When it gets to be fall, all I want to do it rock bold lips and this has been one of my absolute favorite lip colors!  It is one of the Maybelline Loaded Bold lipsticks in the color Blackest Berry.  It is so beautiful!  To balance out my lips I've just been doing a barely there crease color and winged liner. My eyes get crazy watery throughout the day and I have been loving this Milani liquid eyeliner because it doesn't go anywhere!  My eyes can water all they want and my wing stays put all day.  FINALLY!  And lastly I've been enjoying the crap out of the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer.  It has a brush applicator that you squeeze the product through so everything is easy to put on.  It blends like a dream and covers perfectly.  It's light enough to wear on my undereye area but also does a great job covering up the rest of the areas that need some extra coverage.

So this is kind of a random favorite, but I've been trying to stick to a more Mediterranean diet lately, and I absolutely love it.  I'm a lover of Greek food (without lamb - substitute chicken) and I've been really enjoying putting new things together.  Plus I have a new love for raw tomatoes which I have absolutely detested up until now. 

And to pair with my healthier diet is all of the amazing fall goodies, like these caramel crunch donuts and the caramel apple cupcakes!  They're a wonderful dessert treat.  And when I'm not looking for something full of empty calories, this Bigelow Salted Caramel Tea is delicious.  I don't even need to put anything in it; it's great just in it's natural state!
We've still been plugging away at Gilmore Girls, although it's been hard to fit it in.  With all of our shows coming back and hockey starting we don't have much free TV time.  I've threatened John multiple times that I'm going to watch it without him since he's already seen it.  I might make good on that threat these next couple weeks.  Most of our shows have started up again, save the CW superhero shows and The Walking Dead, but we get those back in a couple weeks!

How was your September?  Hope you had a good one!  Tell me about it and your favorites in the comments below!

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